"Most men think they are simply here on earth to kill time - and it's killing them. But the truth is precisely the opposite. The secret longing of your heart, whether it's to build a boat and sail it, to write a symphony and play it, to plant a field and care for it - those are the things you were made to do.

That's what you're here for. Explore, build, conquer - you don't have to tell a boy to do those things for the simple reason that it is his purpose. But it's going to take risk, and danger, & there's the catch. Are we willing to live with the level of risk God invites us to? Something inside us hesitates."

Wild at Heart
John Eldredge




NEW EXCITING PRODUCT featuring CH2 & Jaco Boettger

Discover “The Real Art of Selling”

Selling with Social Intelligence is a 4hour interactive, exciting and celebratory selling skills seminar.  A live performance of CH2 Guitar duo is used by Jaco Boettger to facilitate the delegates’ discovery and practical implementation of:

  • Mirror Neurons in Selling
  • “Neuroselling” - optimum use of new discoveries about the human brain.
  • Creating “Somatic Markers”
  • The hidden driver of Sales Success.
  • Brain-circuit changing enthusiasm!

When failure is not an option, your organisation’s survival and success depends on selling…this seminar is the answer!  NOW IS THE TIME TO DIFFERENTIATE YOU FROM YOU COMPETITORS!



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Arabella session

We had a stunning DYM session fro a company @ Arabella in th Cape - what a trip!!!

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We will have DYM videos up on the site soon!

Watch out for our DYM videos!

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Jaco Boettger’s new book is out! “The Messenger - A Fable”

Jaco Boettger’s latest creation on future literacy and how to survive in “Extremestan”. Place your order for this book now at jaco@jacoboettger.com - ideal for corporate gifts to inspire colleagues and employees in an ever changing fast paced world! 

The Messenger - A Fable

“Humans who find and develop their gifts, automatically transcend their need for externally based security”

- Jaco Boettger

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Read what people have experienced at our sessions!

“I doubt whether anyone leaving the session did not learn anything valuable they could take back with them. There could not have been a more appropriate time to arouse the music in me. My passion for what I do has sprung to the fore and I no longer silence my music.”


Sometimes “the music is missing in one’s life” and so the story linked to the music brought back some things we probably know but need to be reminded about every now and again.”


“This was a very challenging one, although we say it is difficult not to be yourself, finding yourself and your music is this world is difficult. Only 1 % in this world have those blessings - most people do things that make them unhappy where they are and still keep quiet. We need a lot of these sessions - there is nothing that you can do effectively with passion if your soul is not happy - at least if we can find happiness within ourselves and acknowledge what God has given us - although you still look for your music trying to find yourself - you will be able to do your job better.  Not everybody sees that - only those who take time and talk to themselves have answers for themselves.”


“There are times when we do things for the wrong reason and have to find out what really makes me tick.”


“I loved the way the facilitator linked personal lessons to actual issues in the work place. The analogy to “finding your own music” was very clear!”


“I must say it is encouraging to see the company dedicating resource to engage in this kind of things.”


“I have learnt so many things, that’s be best gift I have ever given myself!”


“I found the session very informative as well as insightful, loved the way the speaker re-iterated that we are responsible for ourselves and our careers, no-one else can drive that ownership (in Old Mutual, we sometimes expect Line Managers to be the ones that empower us, when the actual ownership of this lies with us, as an employee, and employer to a certain extent can facilitate this).”


“One needs to find the talent within oneself and do, what you like best, to the best of your ability.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed this session. Brilliantly synchronized. The message could not have been made clearer and the method used to carry it over was excellent!”


“It was absolutely STUNNING!!!!!!!!!  The speaker was equally good and I have personally learned a lot from him.  The passion with which the guys performed the music clearly shows their love of what they are doing.”


“The show was great!”




“Enjoyed it immensely! Especially the metaphors…”


“I enjoyed myself so much that I even took the show home!”


“The music created an ambience that allowed one to process the speakers words.  It show cased 2 individuals who are passionate about their commitment to their music and a speaker who demonstrated his passion through his words as well as his commitment, through his anecdotes, to his continuous self-renewal.”


“I enjoyed the session very much indeed - and I am so pleased I got to see/hear them.”

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Discover Your Music sessions

CH2 Guitar Duo & Jaco Boettger are travelling the country with the Discover Your Music sessions! We are very thrilled at the response to our authentic message. Everyone needs to hear and understand where to find their security as the workplace is becoming more and more fast pace every day and bigger changes are happening more frequently and with more force and bigger effect - and it scares people! Read more on this website and find your security within!!!

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Discover Your Music now!

Jaco Boettger & CH2 Guitar Duo has travelled extensively with this amazing initiative helping people across the globe understand their place in the corporate environment and helping them live their passion in the workplace! More information will be available very soon with testimonials from inspired people that Discovered Their Music!

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Welcome to Discover your Music!

Here we will be adding the latest news and happenings about the Discover Your Music initiative.

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